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Plant feeding made easy. Key Features
  • All-in-One
  • The ONE pump that can mix, aerate, and distribute nutrients to your garden.
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Stabilizes pH levels through compound deionization.
  • Mixes Evenly
  • Suspends particulates throughout mixture for even feeding.
  • Handles Anything!
  • Aeromixer is a beast! Pumps up to 1/4 inch solids!
  • Does it Heat Up?
  • Any motor creates heat, but if you follow our guidelines you will not experience any increase in temperature of your feeding solution.
  • Can I Run it Continuously?
  • We recommend between 30-60 mins of run time, and letting the solution sit for equal time off as on.
  • How Much Power does it Use?
  • 6.2Amps per unit. Standard 15A circuits can handle 2 units, 20A circuits can handle 3.
  • Can this be used for Compost Teas?
  • Not recommended, but the pump is very powerful and people have voiced concerns of potentially damaging compost teas. We do not advertise Aeromixer as a tea brewer for this reason. However, many of our local farms use it as a tea brewer with great success using a timer that only runs Aeromixer in short bursts to minimize microbial damage.
  • Can I use this is a 15 Gallon Reservoir?
  • Not recommended. We recommend a minimum tank size of 50 gallons. Many customers have used Aeromixer’s in up to 2000 gallons tanks with great success. We recommend 1 unit for every 500 gallons of water.
  • Can I use this in my 3000 Gallon Tank?
  • Of course! The more water you have the longer it will take to mix/aerate. Multiple units can be used in large applications.
  • How does this settle my pH?
  • When the pH of a solution is acidic, it has free radical H+ ions that want to become neutral. Injecting air also injects other naturally occurring compounds in the air that H+ can grab onto, allowing for a less charged and, therefore, less acidic solution. Aeromixer works especially well for acidic solutions, and most fertilizers are acidic. Aeromixer will bring the pH up to around 6, which is ideal for most gardens.
  • What if my Solution is too Alkaline?
  • Aeromixer also works to neutralize alkaline solutions, which contain free radical OH- ions rather than H+ ions. Use of an Aeromixer pump will move an alkaline solution closer to neutral pH by injecting air, along with the naturally occurring compounds contained therein, into the mixture.
  • What Fertilizers can this Pump Handle?
  • It handles 1/4” particles and breaks them into a suspended solution.